10 Smooth Tricks To Help Guys Shave A Hot Naked Girl’s Hairy Places

1. The first trick to shaving a hot naked girl is to wet her bare skin and let it soften from heat and moisture. So ejaculate on her face and nipples and all other places you wish to shave, then fuck her in the shower for at least ten minutes.

2. There's no need to waste money on shaving cream, especially for women. Spit or semen work fine. Tell her it’s recommended to use both. Have her kneel in the tub, to soften her leg hair, while giving you a sloppy blowjob. After you pop, she can spit in her palms and rub the saliva-diluted man-fluid all over her armpits and groin beard. If the masturbation makes her wetter, let her smear some vaginal secretion into the slick mix.

3. You are going to have to experiment with razors until you find the perfect cutter. Unless you want her to bleed (maybe she’s been misbehaving) look for a razor with lubricated strips, pivoting heads and spring-mounted blades, because they are badass. The Gillette Venus or Schick Quattro for Women are delicate enough for daily nipple-hair shaving, which will give you the smoothest tits possible for incredible breast-fucking.

4. Be sure to change razors or girlfriends on a regular basis, as a dull blade or girlfriend can lead to less than powerful orgasms.

5. Be sure to exfoliate her skin before shaving. It gets rid of all the shit on her face that could clog up the razor, preventing feminine sleekness. Remember the rhyme, “Girls with stubble, ain’t worth the trouble.” With a bit of jelly, her armpits and kneepits should be as smooth as pussy. Because a man is not a man, until he fucks a hot girl’s armpit in her sleep. (Put her on her side, take her armpit from behind, and pop through to squirt on the slope of her tit. The fluid will slide down to her nipple, then drip-drop on her other nipple, which is ideal because of the symmetry.)

6. Since a naked girl’s crotch beard grows every which way, you'll need to shave every which way in return. If you get dizzy, be prepared with a safe word, that you can speak, to command her to slap you firmly with her breasts, which will help clear your head.

7. When finished, you’re going to have to ejaculate on her again. Obviously, fucking a hot girl three to five times in an hour requires a stamina that few men possess. If you are not manly enough, ask one or more of your friends to fuck your girl for you. Hairless girl skin has few oil glands and a tendency for dryness, thus the need for “moisturizing.” You only need to buy Product, if you don’t have enough in your Balls.

8. Ingrown hairs are caused by a genetic history of inbreeding. If the girl’s genuinely hot, the fucking might be worth it, but, for the sake of humanity, try not to procreate. A holistic way to treat ingrown hairs is by not looking at them

9. If your naked girl has a chronic case of handlebar mustache, there’s not much you can do other than grip her lip-pigtails tight and tug them toward you as you fuck her from behind, while thinking about impaling your cock in Megan Fox’s face or ass.

10. Consider opting for waxing, at least on her legs. You'll find that if she has coarser hair, it won't grow back as fast. And you can save up your extra ejaculate for her face or tits or pussy or pits. Because, to be honest, some girls just aren’t worth the effort. Some girls can be fucked a little, but just aren’t hot enough to be fucked a lot.

Shave ‘em if you’ve got ‘em.


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