Sammy Braddy Voted Best Left Nipple Of 2009

UK kindergarden teacher turned model turned actress, Sammy Braddy, best known for her “shy lesbian” roles in “Picnic,” “My Life As A Swedish American,” and “Wet Nurse 5,” was anointed this week as Best Left Nipple Of 2009, by Breasts Aficionado Magazine.

After a three-month nipple search and taste testing, that included twenty-seven judges and over three thousand hot naked women, Sammy Braddy’s left nipple came up tops.

Then, taking everyone by surprise, her right nipple ranked ninth, which is the first time in competitive history that a single hottie had both nipples score within the top ten.

The full nipple review:

While some tasters found her left nipple “sweet” and “buttery” with “medium body” and a “slight spice at the end,” others deemed it “fruity, with a rare cherry finish,” a “clean, pale balance,” that “bloomed in your mouth.” Overall, said one admirer, it was the one nipple this year “most worthy of a second bite.”

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