$2,600,000 Condo-4-Sale In Beerville, WI - 6000sqft - Appliances Included - Topless Girl With Perfect Breasts Negotiable - Hard Wood Guaranteed!

Because everybody’s been eating up Hot Naked Battle Lesbians, I thought I would get a bigger condo. Found this one on realtor.com, and thought I would check it out in person, just to look and touch. The girl in the pics is a professional flipper. She comes with the unit, to blow life into the cock of whoever owns it. Most guys only own it for a year or two before they move on, but the current seller is a pair of lesbian tycoons. I put in an offer of 2.3 million, 12% under list, because of the economy. I don’t know if I’ll get it, but every submitted offer comes with a complimentary blowjob. So even if my first is rejected, I think I’ll counter a few more times, even though I’m looking for something hotter.