Why Are Topless Girls Addicted To Peggle?


LONDON (Reuters Health) - Today’s modern young women who have hyper sexual desire disorder (HSDD), an unquenchable sexual desire for cock, have started to balance their frustration by engaging in online and offline puzzle games, according to a new UK sex study.

In fact, the researchers say, one of the most popular puzzle games, Peggle, which involves winding string around erect nipples in a series of increasingly difficult maneuvers, has become so addictive that it’s threatening to drive the World of Warcraft e-sex trade out of business. “Some women play with their nipples all day, usually at work.”

But questions remain about whether “Puzzle Games” or “Casual Games” is a genuine addiction for women or "simply represents an excuse that women use to avoid having sex with men who just don’t know what they’re doing down there,'" says Dr. Andrea K. Piddle, founder of Value of Health, a journal published by the International Society for Sexoeconomics and Vaginal Stimulation Research.

Dr. Piddle recorded three hundred thousand hours of video of young women masturbating while playing Peggle, and has concluded that there’s an easy cure. “If every man in the world would just take a moment to study the ground-breaking research of American author, and Guru of Manliness, JHHK, who created the instruction manual when it come to making hot women come hard, I think puzzle games and all this casual crapware would disappear overnight.”