ASK JHHK # 117 - Pick-Up Lines Are Lame / Gerunding Is Mighty

harryheinie69: Jack, pick-up lines don’t work for me, I need something much more powerful.

JHHK: Thanks for emailing. I hear this a lot. Today’s hottest women are linguistically sophisticated, making the classic pick-up line a dull tool. I would advise you to master the newly-created advanced technique called Gerunding. You can research it in any of the seduction rings online, but here’s the core theory...

Why Gerunds Work Better Than Pick-up Lines

In English, the seductive gerund is identical in form to the present participle and can behave as a speed verb within a seduction clause, while the clause frame as a whole acts as a hard noun within the larger seductive command.


* Gerunding is the best way to get a blowjob in a bookstore bathroom.
* I like gerunding. Please remove your dress.

* Gerunding is fun, because it allows you to enjoy my cock.

* Fuck pick-up lines. Gerunding allows me to crush pussy.

Good luck in the field!
- Jack